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Posted on April 15, 2020

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Today’s Morning Buzz is by Kirsten Wyatt. Twitter | LinkedIn

ELGL’s COVID-19 response is driven by our members. When we read questions posed in our Facebook group or Slack channel, we respond with blog posts, GovLove episodes, virtual hangouts and webinars to address the topics that we’re seeing and hearing.

A topic that lingers from week to week is the future of local government work. We’ve started posting resources on furloughs and layoffs. We’ve talked about budgeting and financial forecasting. And now we’re creating some ELGL resources to help our members during under- and unemployment.

First, we’re waiving the job posting fees for all of our members. Previously, our All-In members received free job postings on our job board, and our one- and two-year members paid $25 per job post. Now, ALL job posts on are free for our members. We want to make sure that all local government employment opportunities are easily accessed.

Second, we’re launching a new program to help our members prepare for digital interviews. Some of us have done remote interviews, and we know they can be awkward (at best). To help prepare for this new way of interviewing for work, ELGL will coordinate opportunities for you to do a mock interview with other members. We’ll provide the platform, scenario, and tools to make the process as realistic as possible. Signups for mock interviews and to be on mock panels will start next week.

Third, we now offer the ability to post your resume and indicate the type of work you’re looking for right now – either an entirely new position, part time work while you figure out what comes next, consulting work, or temporary work during furlough – on When you post your resume as a “job seeker” on the site, your profile can be viewed by anyone who posts a job on the site, connecting you with the jobs that are posted. And we’re dialing up our communications about jobs, applicants, hiring, and workforce topics so you can stay connected with local governments that are hiring. The “Job Seeker” feature is in beta at; please check it out and upload your resume today and let me know how the site operates for you.

That’s the update on how ELGL is dialing up our job seeking and posting services to our members. A huge thanks to Meredith Reynolds with the City of Long Beach, CA for her amazing ideas and creativity on these efforts.

What else can ELGL do for you right now?

How might we offer other programs or services might we offer to you that would be most helpful?

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