New Sensation: Prithi Rashid, Wichita State University MPA

Posted on October 10, 2013

What better way to learn about a new ELGL member than a series of extremely personal questions that may or may not be work related. That is our goal in the New Sensation feature. Whether it is learning about a person’s top accomplishments in the last 24 hours or learning about the inside of their car, you learn more here than any icebreaker that you’ve been a part of.

Prithi Rashid

Graduate Student, Department of Public Administration

Wichita State University

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Three projects that you are working on.

Graduate School
Assessing the need for networks in establishing or improving existing neighborhood based initiatives for the awareness, prevention and control of healthcare fraud (primarily Medicare) in Kansas. This is an evolving working title.

Evaluating the issues shaping the environment, which also affect the government’s capital budget size and processes (e.g., population changes, economic trends, public infrastructure stocks, recent political concerns. Overall assessing through literature, the public infrastructure conditions of the state of Montana and assessing the capital budget (a timeline analysis from 2000 to 2011).

Creating a pictorial “to do or not to do, that is the question”, for my first born. She has the option of perusing it through her post formative years forward. I am inclined to be a realist and believe that exposure may influence to a certain extent but maybe not the full.

Three accomplishments in the last 24 hours.

Managed to salvage ultrasound picture of my (first)unborn  child through vigorous manipulation (heat during the lamination process discolored the heat sensitive paper) of the image. Thank you photo maker programs!

The accomplishment I felt for achieving just this ONE encompasses THREE (or more).

Your longest public meeting.

Poverty alleviation program at BARD (Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development) in Comilla, Bangladesh (1998). The meeting was more of a face to face interactive forum with village women as a mode to address concerns in the effectivity of womens empowerment programs. It was a two week program with meetings ranging from 4-6 hours for 5 days straight.

Best piece of advice from your parents. Resilience, coherence and patience. The latter is a continual work in progress.

Excluding family, give you three of your career mentors.

In order of influence in terms of inducing behavioral modifications/improvement as part of learning process i.e. growing up:


  • Dr. Ainun Nishat (Bangladesh representative for IUCN)-  dedication and decision making decisiveness. Utilize all relevant resources before coming to any unilateral conclusion.
  • Preston Culp (at the time Estimating Manager at Perfekta Inc) – adept at motivating the most recalcitrant employees through calm and direct, yet paternal approach. A quality he possessed was making an employee feel more than responsible and take ownership of his/her own tasks and responsibilities. Effective management is seeing your subordinates succeed under your guidance. That is a measure of your success, as a leader: accolades and are only physical manifestations.
  • Dr. Nashid Kamal (Professor at Independent University, Bangadesh). Multitalented in the arts as well as academia, her independent spirit and strength of resolve in a developing patriarchal society such as Bangladesh, is a motivating influence for young women to become future leaders.

How did you find out about ELGL? Wichita State University mail group for the Department of Public Administration.

(Complete the sentence) Before I die I want to…..  Ensure that my belief in intergenerational equity has been instilled in my progeny and their peers.

Should government be run like a business?

Depends on whether it is federal, state or local level AND also the project in reference. There is no true or tried and definitielvely effective method. A dynamic equilibrium needs to be established between business logic and public interest

Three defining news events of your lifetime.

  • Consecutive female Prime Ministers in Bangladesh.
  • Party affiliation being irrelevant: not an event, more a sign of an evolving demographics as more individuals of south east Asian descent are being representatives in public administration and public office (e.g. Bobby Jindal, Governor, LA)
  • First African American President in the USA.

(Complete the sentence) I know this makes me sound old but……I have started appreciating some of the necessary nuances of limited bureaucracy as a need for structure and order.

Describe the inside of your car.

Organized clutter: I know where each item is located by area; they are all categorically compartmentalized and placed by frequency of use and need.

Give us your ultimate mix tape.

Compilation of Gypsy Kings, Abysis Projects, vocal instrumental trance and Cuban/Afro Jazz.



(Complete the sentence) In 2018, local government will be …………At the nascent stages of being more independent from state influence.

Biggest misconception about government.

Government is not the cure all be all of issues. We (registered voter and not) blame the government for every issue gone wrong, we, the people put them there.

What’s the meaning of life? The capacity to LIVE

Finally, what question(s) should I have asked?

Public interest vs democracy? Are the principles founded on the New Public Management the direction the rest of the world is taking (Europe, Asia etc)?

What one core characteristic must all new leaders possess in this evolving global network?

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