New Sensation: Robby Hammond, City of Hillsboro, Human Resources Director

Posted on February 13, 2014

We’re back with the new “New Sensation” feature. We’ve updated the questions based on your feedback. You’ll now learn about the best YouTube videos on the web, read about gift ideas for the holiday season, and learn about the career accomplishments of our new members.  As a reminder, we developed this feature to introduce you to new ELGL members and as a way on connecting ELGL members with similar interests.


Robby Hammond


City of Hillsboro Human Resources Director

Experience: City of San Antonio

Education: Brigham Young University

Connect: LinkedIn

Lightning Round

images (2)Tell us about three of your biggest accomplishments.

  • I’m most proud of my wife and four children – they’re awesome.
  • I’ve had a wide variety of job experiences in my short career that have given me a good overall perspective of local government.
  • I was personally and professionally thrilled to be able to get the offer to come and work for the City of Hillsboro.

(Complete this sentence) I feel old when I……..I feel old when I go skiing and mistakenly think I can do all the same tricks I did as a teenager.

Tell us about two mistakes that you’ve made that we can learn from.

  • kid-skis-with-his-nutsI recently installed a new “tall height” toilet in my home without realizing it’s a “tall height” toilet.  And I installed in my kids’ bathroom…  I quickly learned that “tall height” toilets are too tall for little kids.
  • I wish I was better and staying in touch with old friends, co-workers, and classmates.  Once you lose track of them, it’s really hard to get back in touch (without having to use Facebook).

Give us three of your favorite YouTube videos.

  • I also find cat videos hilarious, even though I’m not really a cat person.
  • Any “The Office” clips about Michael Scott hating HR.  They’re great.



As part of being an ELGL member, we give you a chance to redo or change any part of your life. How would you use it?

(Note: My life is perfect, I am perfect, I would never change anything is not an acceptable response.)

images (3)When I was in Seventh Grade playing football, I was the smallest guy on the team.  During one game, my coach put me in on defense and I promptly intercepted a pass then proceeded to run around the field incredibly fast, more out of fear of getting tackled than anything.  Nobody could tackle me until I just ran out of gas.  But I must have been pretty impressive, because as soon as I came out my coach said, “Robby, that was awesome!  Get back in there and run a 27 Reverse.”  I wish I could say I did, but instead, I told the Coach that I didn’t know the 27 Reverse so I couldn’t do it. In reality, I was just scared.  He just smiled at me and said okay…  I’ve always wished I would have gone back in just to see what would have happened.  I’m fairly sure that I never would have been a great football player, but I’ve always wished I would have tried.

Our annual conference will be held in October 2014. Name three topics or speakers that should be included on the conference agenda.

  • Affordable Care Act and how cities are adjusting to it.
  • Creative ways to motivate and reward employees.
  • How can we increase interest in Local Government careers for today’s youth?

(Complete these phrases) Best thing about the….

80’s was……. Michael Jackson.  I was pretty young during the 80’s but my mom always let me watch “Thriller.”

90’s was……  Pearl Jam.


00’s was..  Finishing school and starting my career.

Last year was….. Having baby #4 and buying our new home in Hillsboro.

Today is…. Still flying high that the Seahawks won the Super Bowl last week.

Name two of your mentors and describe them in five words.Ed Belmares

Ed Belmares, Assistant City Manager, City of San Antonio: Trusted me with great opportunities.

Sharon De La Garza, VP Human Resources, San Antonio Water System: Always bucked traditional HR way.

What’s your least favorite thing about humanity?

I try to be pretty optimistic so this is a tough one.  I’d probably say that in general, we can be too quick to judge others without understanding their perspectives and experiences.

How did you hear about ELGL? The City of Hillsboro is a big supporter and I heard about ELGL from our City Management.

Fast forward one year, what will factor into your decision on whether to renew your ELGL membership? Are the issues that ELGL discusses current and relevant to my organization?

Give us two ideas for attracting and retaining talented individuals to the public sector.

  • download (2)We should place more focus on hiring individuals that are passionate about local government as opposed to hiring people simply because they have the most experience or education.  That’s where we’ll find the difference makers.
  • New generations place great emphasis on flexibility so we should try to create flexible work environments whenever possible.  This will also help over the next several years as there are increasing retirements, by allowing a variety of “work back” options for talented and passionate retirees.

What questions should we have asked?

What’s the most unique aspect or practice of your current organization?

What one question you have about ELGL?

How big and expansive does ELGL plan to become?

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