Off the Stump with State Rep. Elect John Lively

Posted on December 6, 2012

“Off the Stump” is a new feature that will introduce you to the members of the Oregon Legislature. We have invited every legislator to participate in “Off the Stump.”   With an important session beginning in early February, it is especially important that we get to know the decision makers who will be working on key legislative issues impacting local and state government. We’re also using this opportunity to give you a look into the strange requests that they receive, their holiday gift giving ideas, and what’s playing on their iPod.

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Rep. Elect John Lively- House District 12

House District 12 includes the Springfield area

About Rep. Elect John Lively

John was born in LaGrande, OR and lived in Wallowa, OR until high school. With limited economic opportunities in Wallowa, his family moved to Springfield where his Dad started working at Alexander’s Department Store.  He graduated from Thurston High School, Lane Community College and the University of Oregon. Completion of his college education was interrupted by the Vietnam War. He spent four years serving our country in the Army Security Agency.

After graduating from the University of Oregon and marrying Tresa, he established a home in Springfield, raised two daughters and now enjoys watching his grandkids grow up here.  Having lived in Springfield for 49 years, he has seen many changes and he is proud to have contributed through his years of volunteer activities.

Service to the community started when John was elected to the Springfield City Council and then served as Mayor. At the same time he started volunteering on many non-profit boards helping citizens in Springfield including Lane Workforce Partnership, Springfield Renaissance Development Corporation, Friends of Willamalane, McKenzie Willamette Hospital, United Way, SCAR Jasper Mountain, Western Rivers Girl Scout Council, Strong Schools for Springfield, Friends of Lane Community College and many more.

John’s professional career includes working many years in the field of economic development at the state and local level, working in manufacturing, managing contact centers and working in companies who provide a range of professional services. As Mayor he partnered with the Eugene Mayor and County Commissioner to form the Eugene/Springfield Metropolitan Partnership. He served on the board for over 20 years, and had the privilege to manage the partnership for over 8 years at a time when our area was very successful in creating new jobs. Working in the private sector gave him first-hand knowledge of the challenges of maintain good wages and benefits.

Questions for Rep. Elect John Lively

Top three issues facing the Oregon Legislature:

  • Finances i.e. available resources to support services
  • PERS
  • Public Education

Top three issues with the potential to impact cities:

  • State bonding for infrastructure
  • Changes to land use regulations
  • Changes to ability to raise revenue locally

Will Oregon ever have a sales tax?

I am supportive and believe we will at some point, but am not convinced it will be in the next two years.

Let us into your iPod – what’s on your “Recently Played” list? 


  • Beach Boys
  • Taylor Swift
  • Celine Dion
  • Blake Shelton

What’s the best Christmas gift that you’ve received? Given?

Grandchildren is the best gift received – My wife and I keeping our four grandchildren all day on Christmas Eve so the parents can finish up without having to worry about the kids is the best gift given.

Give our members three tips for communicating with their legislators during session.

  • Email works well
  • Phone calls at specific times with specific issues
  • Scheduled visits to my office

What is strangest request you’ve received as an elected official?download (1)

When Mayor I was asked by a neighbor to write a letter to a judge supporting their dog when they were charged with him being loose and off of their property.

If ELGL was going to hold a one-day summit in Salem, give us your restaurant recommendations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I have not spent enough time in Salem to be able to make any recommendations yet.

Two things you like best about serving in the Oregon legislature. Two things you like the least. 

While I have not officially served yet, I am looking forward to working with my colleagues from throughout the state and to doing my best to represent my local constituents.

What will be the headline at the end of the 2013 session? 

We moved the state forward.

Finally, we’ve wondered many times while we are waiting to have our gas pumped, why can’t we pump our own gas? Any chance this changes? 

I don’t think so.

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