Off the Stump with State Rep. Greenlick

Posted on November 28, 2012

“Off the Stump” is a new feature that will introduce you to the members of the Oregon Legislature. We have invited every legislator to participate in “Off the Stump.”   With an important session beginning in early February, it is especially important that we get to know the decision makers since we will be working with on several key legislative issues impacting local and state government. We’re also using this opportunity to give you a look into the strange requests that they receive, their holiday gift giving ideas, and what’s playing on their iPod. Related links: Off the Stump with State Rep. Margaret Doherty,  Off the Stump with State Rep. John Huffman, and Off the Stump with State Rep. Vicki Berger.

Rep. Mitch Greenlick – District 33 – Portland


Rep. Greenlick’s email response to our legislative preview:

“I will give you my first tip for communicating with legislators.  Don’t send us long complicated questionnaires and expect us to take the time and effort to complete them.” MG

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