OGFOA Fall Conference

Posted on October 15, 2018


I’m heading down to Salem, Oregon tomorrow for the OGFOA Fall Conference. They’ve graciously booked me two hours to talk about ELGL, our founding in Oregon, and the work we do with local governments around the country. I’m also helping with a speed coaching session they’re doing with conference attendees, focusing on the workforce needs of OGFOA employees.

ELGL and GFOA have forged a strong friendship over the years, and it’s exciting to continue that relationship with the state-level affiliate organizations. For many years, ELGL and OGFOA have partnered on fun activities like our “Happy New Fiscal Year” party in July, and conference sessions and blog posts.

It’s been an interesting walk down memory lane as I prepared my slide deck for tomorrow. I’m approaching the session like I’m a guest on my favorite podcast, “How I Built This With Guy Raz.”

Guy typically interviews the founders of major companies and organizations on his podcast and while I can dare to dream that someday ELGL will be featured, it’s probably not going to happen. And so I’m pretending that tomorrow is my Guy Raz interview, and it’s my chance to tell the ELGL story.

I’ll post the full slide deck once the presentation is complete, but here are some of the pictures I used in my slide deck to give you a sneak preview of what I’ll share with the OGFOA crowd:

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