Origin Stories

Posted on March 29, 2022

a picture of superheroes looking at the camera

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Every superhero, every villain, and everyone everywhere has a story.

Generally, we know ourselves better than anyone. Day in and day out we observe, respond, and interact with one another based on the limited information available. Our perspective and how we perceive information and interactions is based on our experiences and the understanding that we have of the person or situation at that moment.

Communication and empathy can go a long way in understanding the person or situation we are trying to address. Consider how your perspective of a superhero or villain changed after seeing or reading their origin story. Perhaps you learned how they became super or villainous, what motivates them or bothers them.

Take inventory of your own origin story and consider how it could impact your work with others. Look at specific interactions or patterns to identify any implicit bias.

How can we improve communication or show more empathy?
What would it be like to be vulnerable? Maybe as leaders we can ask more questions to understand a person or situation before jumping to a conclusion or “solution” based on our own perspective.

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