Patrick Rollen’s Social Media Presentation

Posted on December 10, 2013

Here is a brief recap and the link to today’s presentation from Patrick Rollen’s webinar.  For more info check out the hashtag #PictureMeRollens on Twitter. To keep up with future presentations and webinars, even when you can’t attend, follow @OregonELGL and @MidwestELGL on Twitter and look for the event’s unique #Hashtag

Social Media for Local Gov – Prezi


The first question to ponder, who will post on your organization’s social media sites?

Patrick suggests starting a conversation with citizens:

Then the Politics-Administration Dichotomy made another appearance to the enjoyment of MPA nerds everywhere:

Other advice from Patrick:

Let this also be the day the hashtag #PictureMeRollens was born

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