Peoria, IL vs. Kannapolis, NC

Posted on February 11, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over the past two weeks, ELGL members and friends took part in ELGL City Hall Madness, narrowing the field from 64 to this week as we head into the Sweet Sixteen. Vote in the head-to-head match-ups to determine which city hall advances to the Elite Eight. Voting ends at midnight EST on February 17. Follow along and fill out your own bracket as we release the winners from each round.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Winner: Peoria, IL

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Word on the Street

  • From Annette Privette Keller
  • My Nominations for Best City Halls is: We love our new City Hall in Kannapolis, NC. We moved into the building in February 2016 and it has been a pleasure to work in. Our citizens and the general public have completely embraced the building. The City of Kannapolis has never had its own City Hall Facility. The new City Hall facility houses: Police, Planning, Community Development, Customer Service, Finance, Administration, Human Resources, Technology, Fire Administration, Legal, General Services, Communications and Parks & Recreation Departments. “We consolidated services to this building from seven different locations. It provides a highly efficient work environment for our employees but, perhaps more importantly, a much easier way for citizens, visitors and outside investors in our community to receive services,” commented City Manager Mike Legg. “I cannot impress upon you enough the major impact this building has had on our employees and officers. To us this building is more than just brick and steel. It is more than just a place to come to work, It is our home. This facility improves our efficiency and help us to better serve and protect the citizens of Kannapolis which has always been our main goal,” stated Police Chief Woody Chavis. The three story building has over 100,000 square feet and is constructed in a classic Georgian architectural style. The brick structure has large windows, columns, a portico and traditional cornice embellishments. The building also has conference/event meeting space. Named The Laureate Center, the space can be subdivided into three spaces. With over 5,300 sq. ft. it can accommodate 260 people for a banquet or 450 people for classroom style meetings. The Center has been booked continuously since we moved in the facility. Some fun facts about the building:
    • 8,900 tons of Concrete
    • 987 tons of Structural Steel
    • 320,500 Bricks
    • 600 tons of Cast Stone
    • 180 tons of Metal Stud Framing
    • 11,000 sheets of Gypsum Board
    • 240 Windows
    • 31,000 feet of Plumbing & HVAC Piping
    • 475,000 feet of Electrical Wiring
    • 1,825 tons of Asphalt
    • 10,450 tons of imported Soil & Stone
    • 1,800 pounds – the weight of the Copper Cupola

  • From Stacy Peterson
  • My Nominations for Best City Halls: Where can you find a mix of historic opulence, lavish artwork AND municipal government? In the 3 stories (4 if you count the bell tower) of Peoria, Illinois’ City Hall. Constructed in only THREE years (completion in 1898), this building was constructed in the Flemish Renaissance style using Lake Superior Red Sandstone (quarried by inmates), Italian marble and ornamental ironwork detail throughout the building. Complimenting the architecture is a vast array of artwork: murals, sculpture, lithographs and a stained glass ceiling contribute to the building that renowned architect Philip Johnson called the “Grande Dame” of our fair city. Some of the companies who constructed the building and did work for the interior ARE STILL IN BUSINESS TODAY (this came in handy for our rehabilitation of Council Chambers) ! Talk about shopping local! In fact, the building is SO interesting that local radio hosts Greg and Dan stopped by for a tour (and even got the birds eye view from the bell tower). Thank you for allowing the nomination and we’re always available for tours for anyone from the ELGL family who want to be shown around

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Tournament Dates

  • Week of January 30: Round of 64
  • Week of February 6: Round of 32
  • Week of February 13: Sweet 16
  • Week of February 20: Elite 8
  • Week of February 27: Final 4
  • Week of March 6: National Championship

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Press Clippings

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