Podcast: Best Practices in Animal Welfare and Shelter Operations

Posted on August 27, 2021

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Laura Reese Casey Smith Aimee Wall
Laura Reese
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
Michigan State University
Bio | LinkedIn
Casey Smith
County Manager
Davidson County, North Carolina
Aimee Wall
Professor of Public Law and Government
University of North Carolina
Bio | LinkedIn

Improving animal safety and health. Three guests joined the podcast to discuss a recent article in the State and Local Government Review journal on animal control ordinances and how local governments approach animal services. Laura Reese is a Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Michigan State University and wrote the article, which focused on animal control in Detroit, Michigan. Casey Smith is the County Manager of Davidson County, North Carolina and he led a revamp of operations at the County’s animal shelter. Aimee Wall is a Professor of Public Law and Government at the University of North Carolina and wrote a book on animal services law in North Carolina.

Host: Alyssa Dinberg

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