Podcast: Chief Jeri Williams, Phoenix, AZ & Chief Denise Turner, Gilroy, CA

Posted on March 4, 2016

Jeri Williams Denise Turner
Jeri Williams
Police Chief
Phoenix, AZ
Bio | Twitter

Denise Turner
Police Chief (Retired)
Gilroy, CA
Bio | LinkedIn

Two glass ceiling shattering women joined GovLove back in 2016 to talk about policing. Chief Jeri Williams, who now leads the Phoenix police department, was the Chief in Oxnard, California during this interview. Chief Denise Turner, who is now retired after 31 years in law enforcement, lead the Gilroy, California department back when this episode first aired. They each shared their path into the field of policing, what it’s like being a female police officer and how the field has changed during their career. This episode will make you laugh, will make you think, and will make you want to work for these two remarkable and inspiring chiefs.

Topics: Their career paths into policing (1:55), The importance of mentors (9:05), Recruiting women into law enforcement (15:15), The perspective & skills women bring to policing (26:15), Their first year as police officers (30:10), The value that female police officers bring to the department (34:40), and the lightning round (40:45).

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