Podcast: Data Driven Decision Making in Kansas City, MO

Posted on September 21, 2018

Kansas City Data
Kate Bender KCMO Bo McCall KCMO Chris Hernandez KCMO
Kate Bender
Deputy Performance Officer
Kansas City, MO
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Bo McCall
Performance Analyst
Kansas City, MO
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Chris Hernandez
Communications Director
Kansas City, MO
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Transparency before it was cool. Three people from the City of Kansas City, Missouri joined the podcast to talk about how KCMO uses data to inform their decision making and how they hold themselves accountable to achieving their strategic plan. Kate Bender, Deputy Performance Officer, Bo McCall, Performance Analyst, and Chris Hernandez, Communications Director, shared the story of KC Stat, a monthly data and performance meeting. They also explained how the What Works Cities Certification helped them and what they learned from going through that process.

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