Podcast: Detroit’s Chief Storyteller, Aaron Foley

Posted on January 12, 2018

Aaron Foley

Aaron Foley

Aaron Foley
Chief Storyteller
Detroit, Michigan
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Aaron Foley is an author, journalist and now the Chief Storyteller for the City of Detroit, MI. He joined GovLove to talk about his position, which was created by the Mayor last year, and the unique work he’s doing as a city employee. Aaron discussed his career path in journalism, the decision to take a job in local government and the importance of telling Detroit’s stories.

Topics: Lightning round (2:50), Aaron’s career path & influence of his parents (7:55), Standing up for Detroit after its downturn (15:15), Best books on Detroit & his mixed feelings on Detroit’s comeback (20:20), Taking the Chief Storyteller job with the City (27:50), The work they did in year one (35:00), How they work with the City’s communications shop (45:35), and Navigating local government bureaucracy (52:30).

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