Podcast: Gathering a Tribe of Civic Innovators in San Jose, CA and The Atlas

Posted on December 8, 2017


Kip Harkness
Deputy City Manager
San Jose, CA
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Ellory Monks
The Atlas Marketplace
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Improving collaboration and innovation in local government. Ellory Monks from The Atlas and Kip Harkness, the Deputy City Manager of San Jose, CA, join GovLove to talk about their work. The Atlas is a marketplace for local governments to work together and learn from each other on infrastructure projects. Kip leads the Office of Civic Innovation in San Jose. They discuss everything from juggling fire and celebrity look-a-likes to improving procurement and email management.
Topics Include: Lightning round (3:40), background from Ellory on The Atlas and how it was formed (12:25), what Kip learned working for PayPal (16:00), what Kip thinks innovation is (17:20), creating a place to fail forward (21:00), how Atlas and San Jose worked together (23:55), the office of innovation in San Jose (33:10), and what Kip and Ellory look for when they’re hiring (43:20).

Interested in using The Atlas to source innovative solutions to the most pressing problems in your community? Become a partner city and access all of the pro-bono support Ellory described in this Govlove podcast. It’s easy! Join here (takes 2 minutes & they don’t share your information). After you’ve joined The Atlas, you’ll hop on the phone with Ellory to brainstorm specific ways The Atlas can help you learn from your peers about what’s working (and not working!) when it comes to smart cities, resilience and sustainability.
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