Podcast: Local Solutions to the Minimum Wage

Posted on June 3, 2016

This week GovLove talked to a panel of California local government administrators about one of the hottest current policy topics, minimum wage. The episode covered everything from dealing outreach and engagement to enforcement and  implementation. Panelists also brought up how each of their elected bodies felt passionate about raising the minimum wage and committing to going faster than the state as a whole.

The panel used an article written by Kimbra McCarthy for ICMA’s PM Magazine entitled, “Raising the Minimum Wage, Coming Soon to a Community Near You.”


Seal_of_Mountain_View,_CAMountain View, CA

Kimbra McCarthy
Deputy City Manager

san mateo caSan Mateo, CA

Matt Bronson
Assistant City Manager

santa monica caSanta Monica, CA

Andy Agle
Housing/EcDev Director

Gigi Decavalles
Finance Director



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