Podcast: Outreach & Education on Building ADUs in Salinas, CA

Posted on April 1, 2022

Salinas ADUs - GovLove
Holly Hodge Adam garrett Raul Ortega
Holly Hodge
Housing Production Coordinator VISTA
City of Salinas, CA
Adam Garrett
Assistant Planner
City of Salinas, CA
Raul Ortega
Junior Engineer
City of Salinas, CA

Livable communities for people of all ages. Three guests from the City of Salinas, California joined the podcast to talk about creating an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) educational campaign that included brochures, bilingual workshops for the public, and a technical workshop for contractors and other professionals that develop ADUs in the City. Raul Ortega is a Junior Engineer in Permit Services, Adam Garrett is an Assistant Planner, and Holly Hodge served as an Housing Production Coordinator VISTA. They shared the common questions they get from the community and the impact of the outreach.

Host: Alyssa Dinberg

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