Podcast: Placemaking with the Project for Public Spaces

Posted on December 22, 2017

Project for Public Spaces
Laura Torchio Elka Gotfryd
Laura Torchio
Deputy Director, Transportation Initiatives
Project for Public Spaces
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Elka Gotfryd
Project Manager
Project for Public Spaces
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Creating spaces for people. Two representatives from the Project for Public Spaces, Laura Torchio and Elka Gotfryd, joined the podcast to talk about how to shape and influences places. They discussed projects that they have worked on across the country, how engagement is important to placemaking and tools for people that want to do placemaking.

Topics include: Lightning round (1:20), How Laura & Elka got into placemaking (6:45), The work of Project for Public Spaces (12:55), Their definition of placemaking (15:05), Example projects (17:50),  Importance of engagement & whether placemaking leads to gentrification (29:20), Examples of placemaking in small towns & rural areas (35:40), and Tools for placemaking (40:20).

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