Podcast: Rethinking Procurement with Mariel Reed, CEO of CoProcure

Posted on March 30, 2018

Mariel Reed


Mariel Reed

Mariel Reed
CEO & Founder
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The procurement process often frustrates local governments and vendors alike, but it seems like a process that will never change. Mariel Reed the Founder and CEO of CoProcure wants to rethink that. CoProcure is a startup that helps local governments improve procurement to promote economic development. She came on GovLove to discuss her work, the potential for a ‘Common App‘ for procurement and the work she did at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation.

Topics: Lightning round (2:00), Mariel’s career path (9:00), Her work at the San Francisco Mayor’s Office (13:10), the Civic Bridge and Startup in Residence programs in San Francisco (16:25), the work of CoProcure (28:25), the case for the ‘Common App’ for government procurement (32:50), and what’s next for CoProcure (43:50).

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