Podcast: The Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Posted on January 4, 2019


Heather Worthington Paul Mogush
Heather Worthington
Director of Long Range Planning
Minneapolis, MN
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Paul Mogush
Manager of Community Planning
Minneapolis, MN
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Battling disparities through planning. Two people from the City of Minneapolis, MN join the podcast to talk about the hottest comprehensive plan in the country, Minneapolis 2040. Heather Worthington is the Director of Long Range Planning and Paul Mogush is the Manager of Community Planning for Minneapolis. Heather and Paul discussed the goals of the new comprehensive plan, which put dealing with racial disparities at the center of their work, and how they engaged the public throughout the process. The new plan will make big changes to land use in the city including eliminating single family zoning and parking minimums.

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Streets.MN Podcast #120: Minneapolis 2040 with Heather Worthington and Paul Mogush

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