Podcast: The Opportunity Project, Open Data and Technology

Posted on November 30, 2021

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Haley Ashcom katya Abazajian rebecca ierardo
Haley Ashcom
Communications Strategist
Census Open Innovation Labs
LinkedIn | Twitter
Katya Abazajian
Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation
LinkedIn | Twitter | Bio
Rebecca Ierardo
Senior Associate
Centre for Public Impact

Open innovation for all. Three guests joined the podcast to talk about The Opportunity Project, or TOP, which is a framework for agencies to facilitate collaboration between technologists and community advocates. Haley Ashcom is a Communications Strategist for the US Census Open Innovation Labs. Katya Abazajian is a Fellow at Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation. Rebecca Ierardo is a Senior Associate at Centre for Public Impact.

Host: Kirsten Wyatt

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