Podcast: Trends in Human Resources with Heidi Voorhees, GovHR USA

Posted on November 21, 2017

Heidi with Javon and Alyssa

Heidi Voorhees
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Recruiting & retaining talent in local government. Heidi Voorhees, the President of GovHR USA, joined GovLove to talk about the work of finding and attracting talented local government employees. Heidi discussed her experience as a Management Fellow in Kansas City, MO with current fellows Javon & Alyssa. She also talked about the importance of LinkedIn and the drawback of residency requirements.

Topics: Lightning round (0:35), Heidi’s experience as a Kansas City Management Fellow (3:30), what drew her to human resources (5:45), tech in human resources (7:00), recruiting & retaining the next generation (8:55), GovHR USA’s work (10:55), the challenge of finding and attracting talent (14:50), and her LinkedIn tips (22:25).

This interview was recorded at the 2017 ICMA Conference in San Antonio, TX.

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