Presidential Library Donation to a Municipal Library

Posted on March 19, 2018

ELGL received the below email (details redacted for privacy) offering a municipal library a donation of books on United States Presidents. Check out the below, and then contact ELGL if you’d like to be introduced to the giver.

Good morning,
I have a large Presidential Library (more than 1,500 volumes on individual POTUSes)… and I need to think about its future home.
I am looking to give, rather than sell.  I have no preference for college/university.  A municipality is fine too – as long as it is a growing one, rather than a dying one.
Since [ELGL] did such a splendid job with your Library Competition – and we are still grieving here in XXXX 🙁 – it occurs to me that perhaps you might be able to direct me to a few nifty smaller town libraries that might be interested in pieces of my collection.
I would be delighted to talk with them and/or make my list available.

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