Public Participation Trends & Concepts

Posted on September 29, 2014

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And now a word from our panelists and moderator.

Jim Middaugh, Communications Director, Oregon Metro

Bio: I am responsible for Metro’s communications, media relations and public engagement work.

First paying job: Lifeguard

Soundtrack of your life: Kikko’s Song

Book you are currently reading: Bruce — by Peter Ames Carlin

Anything else: I like bicycling

 Steve Faust, Senior Planner, Cogan Owens Cogan


Bio: I am a land use planner, facilitator and public involvement specialist. I design and manage processes that engage the public in making land use decisions. I help communities create visions that articulate their aspirations for the future and strategic plans to guide future growth and development.

First paying job: Drying cars at the car wash

Soundtrack of your life: Cities, The Talking Heads

Book you are currently reading: Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace


 Moderator: Anna Johnson, Communications Director, Deschutes County, OR

Bio: Being a public communications coordinator for Deschutes County is NEVER boring, constantly challenging, and it’s the best job in all of Central Oregon! I am passionate about informing and protecting County employees and residents, and enjoy engaging people through new and traditional media. I feel like a Mama Bear looking after her cubs…!

First paying job: Waitress at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in Phoenix, AZ

Soundtrack of your life: “Major Tom” by David Bowie

Book you are currently reading: The Dragon Tattoo series

Anything else: I love to hula dance!

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