#40 – Terri Harding

Terri Harding

Terri Harding

City of Eugene

Principal Planner


Ambitious, optimistic, caring

Although she’s the captain of the long range planning team, Terri largely keeps herself out of the spotlight. she instead showcases her team and their accomplishments. She believes in people and is willing to take a chance so that they feel valued and capable. Want to write an engagement plan as a fresh hire, 24 year old? Go for it! Want to try something new?

Let’s try it! Technical skills in local gov are important, and Terri is an example of the magic that comes from assigning equal value to soft skills and ambition. She is relentlessly positive and absolutely determined to make change. Along with managing the long range planning team she is the project manager for a zoning reform project and championed the use of a lottery-selected panel as part of the outreach plan.

If you ever need to be cheered up, ask Terri for a picture of her dog Mochi.

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