#8 – Tanya Ange

Tanya Ange

Tanya Ange

Washington County, Oregon

County Administrator


Dedicated, Focused, Visionary

Tanya is transforming Washington County – professionalizing the organization; navigating implications of a full-time Board; and putting together an amazing team to serve the County.

Tanya is an exemplary leader who is taking Washington County to the next level! She is a force – for the very best in professional local government management.

In the middle of a pandemic, Tanya moved states, changed from city to county, and went from Deputy to CAO. Did all those transitions slow her down? Heck no! In her first 14 months on the job, she created the first Equity Officer position in Washington County and announced a complete restructuring of the county’s leadership team.

But it’s not just about what she’s done… it’s also how she’s done it. She mounted a massive informational campaign to inform all staff about the changes she was making, including why they were necessary, what they were based on, and what they meant.

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