No. 4

2024 Top Influencers in Local Government

Remy Epps

Inclusion Officer | Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, GA | LinkedIn

For Dr. Remy Epps, advancing inclusion, diversity, and belonging is not only important, but imperative.

Remy serves as inclusion officer for Georgia’s Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, where she champions initiatives and policies that promote fairness and justice within the organization and the community.

Remy brings enthusiasm to the role and prioritizes innovation in the Inclusion Office’s work. In her first year on the job, she focused on unity as the glue that connects the community despite individual differences.

During Black History Month, she celebrated Athens’s unsung heroes by coordinating bus tours and educating residents about the community’s rich heritage and timeline of growth and development.

Remy’s dedication to building strong relationships is based on the belief that all community members are heard and valued. Within the Athens-Clarke County government, she educates, engages, and supports young people through the organization’s cadet program and community events, where she offers guidance and shares knowledge.

Remy believes leadership is rooted in actions that spark positivity and professionalism, rather than based on title or position. Through her actions and advocacy, she is focused on a goal of building a community and organization where everyone feels welcome — and is — welcome.

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