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Posted on May 31, 2013


Below please find the summarized 2013 Resume Book submissions.  This is available to ELGL readers (members can access the full Resume Book page here).  Resume Book participants were encouraged to include a three item summary of their career aspirations and skills to share in the public version of the Resume Book.

If you are an ELGL member, make sure you view the full Resume Book online (password protected).  This is the best way to see the submitted resumes and learn more about the people who participated in this year’s Book.

The Resume Book is another ELGL service designed to promote the local government profession and the job searches and aspirations of our members.

ELGL members are encouraged to complete the Five Minute Challenge to further assist their fellow ELGL members as they pursue meaningful, long-term careers in local government.

Lisa Shaw

  1. Budget professional with over 15 years of public sector experience (City of New York and City of Portland, Oregon).
  2. Experience with a variety of public outreach efforts and citizen groups: Co-lead on the City of Portland’s budget mapping efforts, facilitator for City’s CIP task force as well as the Portland Utility Review Committee.
  3. Masters of Public Administration with an emphasis in public finance from New York University.

Jim Nichols

  1. Experienced, well-rounded municipal executive with more than 14 years in local government management, including Assistant/Deputy City Manager roles in Las Vegas, NV, Goodyear, AZ, and Midland, TX.
  2. ICMA Credentialed Manager and licensed Professional Engineer in Arizona, Nevada, and Washington.
  3. Expertise in public works, engineering, public safety, community services, parks and recreation, performance management and capital improvement programs.

Rosalynn Greene

  1. Over 9 years of working in the public sector with a focus on program evaluation, public outreach, staff coordination and sustainability.
  2. Master’s of Public Administration from Portland State University with a undergraduate degree from Western Washington University in Political Science.
  3. Passion for developing my leadership skills and staying engaged with current issues locally as well as globally.

Aimee Higby

  1. Masters of Public Administration candidate with a focus on global leadership & management and local government.  Expected graduation date of June 2013. Course work in program evaluation, local government administration, NW energy policy, policy analysis research and budgeting.
  2. Experience with policy research and analysis, currently focused on energy issues in the region.
  3. Diverse experience in community banking, high school athletics and international work.

Elisa Hamblin, AICP

  1. Local government planner with 7 years’ experience in long‐range planning and public involvement in both suburban, and urban communities
  2. Areas of expertise include: land use planning, project management, policy development, public involvement, research, analysis, and collaborative processes
  3. Education includes Bachelors and Masters degrees in Urban Planning and is currently seeking Graduate Certificate in Public Management

Rachel Fox

  1. Strength in strategic planning in a cross functional team environment
  2. Grant program design and management
  3. Development with public private partnerships

Pat Mobley

  1. 10+ years as a public service professional
  2. Economic development, municipal management, and organizational leadership
  3. Public and private sector experiences yield unique ksa’s to positively enhance quality of life

Susan Millhauser

  1. Throughout my professional and volunteer work, I have worked effectively with a diversity of people to move toward more livable and sustainable communities.
  2. Program and policy development; project and grant management; data collection and analysis; and community, stakeholder, and employee engagement are areas where I have extensive experience.
  3. Managing multiple projects and consistent follow through are key abilities I use to achieve success.

Jason Lugo

  1. Future local government planner with transportation and land use planning experience in both suburban and urban communities
  2. Areas of expertise include: land use planning, collaborative planning, transportation planning, and GIS
  3. Education includes Masters degrees in Geography and Community and Regional Planning

Ariana Denney

  1. I am currently pursuing an MPA at PSU and is looking for opportunities in Oregon government related to public policy and administration.
  2. Working in employee relations at PacifiCorp, I took initiative to create a domestic violence policy for the company’s 6,000 employees and acted as primary researcher on a project to draft new FMLA policies for each of the six states in the company’s service territory. Most recently, at the city of Beaverton, I have assisted with communicating the city’s position on key policy issues to state legislators.
  3. I have enjoyed administering company programs and evaluating internal processes. At the city of Beaverton, I worked with the Community and Economic Development Department and city administration to implement a survey assessing the department’s customer service then analyzed and reported the findings.

Zach Henkin

  1. Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Business with an emphasis in Energy and Renewable Energy.
  2. Marketing and Brand Strategist with experience writing winning proposals and designing effective marketing plans.
  3. Motivated to excel and passionate to contribute to a sustainable community for this generation and the next.

Bill Eggert

  1. Masters of Public Administration expected June 2014; Public Management Concentration
  2. Interested in program evaluation, performance auditing, and financial management
  3. Looking for public management leadership opportunities at the local and state level

Michelle Bixler

  1. Creative problem solver with background in analysis, evaluation, development, grant writing, outreach, marketing and communications.
  2. Knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in cultivating relationships with diverse populations in the public sector through work with a special district and local governments, as well as coursework in deliberative democracy, community engagement and conflict resolution.
  3. Demonstrated management and leadership abilities throughout professional, educational and auxiliary activities, as well as specific coursework in management practices and theory.

Jackson Hite

  1. Master in Public Administration student at University of Southern California expected to graduate in May 2014 with a focus in local government management. Seeking employment opportunities in California, Oregon or Washington after graduation.
  2. Previous work experience for municipalities (city and county) in California and Oregon in Community Development and Planning Departments and City Manager’s Office has resulted in experience in land use planning, budgeting, finance and intergovernmental relations.
  3. Professional and academic activities demonstrate management and leadership abilities within student, community and city organizations.

Ross Harke

  1. MBA program specializing in operations and finance
  2. Consulting experience leading change and program implementation
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with two years of internships at State Capitol

Kathryn Sofich

  1. Experience in policy and program development and implementation, strategic planning, goal/work plan development and priority setting.
  2. Experience with a wide array of issues including public education, land use planning, sustainability, climate change, public health, alternative transportation, and cultural competency.
  3. Interested in opportunities to continue working in arenas where I could focus on policy and program development , project management, strategic planning, and organizational development.

Jennifer Taylor Shih

  1. Urban planning professional with Master of Planning Degree focusing on Land Use and Sustainable Regional Growth.
  2. Experience with long range and current public sector planning.
  3. Skill facilitator with stakeholder groups ranging from local government, federal agency, non-profit advocacy, business, and private citizen participants.

Rafael Baptista

  1. I am passionate about public service and am about to begin the Master of Public Administration program at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
  2. I am experienced in taking struggling or non-existent organizations and quickly turning them into successful organizations.
  3. I have experience finding the high level solutions to problems and developing the buy in necessary to successfully implement those solutions.

Eric Battles

  1. Recently completed a week-long externship with the Government Accountability Office- LA Field Office. Presented a design matrix on federal and non-federal spectrum sharing.
  2. Hope to gain experience in local government/ emergency management in the next school year.
  3. Will intern with the Department of State, Diplomatic Security Bureau this summer. Hope to gain insight to federal and international security issues. Also, wish to develop budgeting and finance experience.

Victor Sin

  1. Work to foster the growth of our local economy by encouraging private and public partnerships.
  2. Contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of local government by continually innovating operational work and system processes.
  3. Lead an organization by cultivating its core competencies and defining a long term sustainable and competitive advantage.

Caroline Zavitkovski

  1. Dedicated and exceptional Master of Public Administration student at Portland State University, with a concentration in Local Government.
  2. Passionate about effective and equitable service delivery, with an interest in administration, performance auditing, and program evaluation.
  3. Collaborative team member on applied research, strategic assessment, and evaluation projects through PSU’s Center for Public Service, Multnomah Co. Auditor’s Office, Vision Action Network, and Coalition for a Livable Future.

Jen McFarland

  1. Diverse skills and experience in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, including:  project and program development and implementation; policy analysis; technical, policy, grant, and report writing; marketing and graphic design; public speaking; consensus building; curriculum development; and nonprofit management
  2. Career highlights include: revamping the City of Portland Revenue Bureau website, contributing to a 250% increase in annual web traffic; authoring the 2009 City of Portland Special Events Rate Study, increasing cost recovery by about $365,000 in 2012-2013; graduating with a Master of Public Administration in 2009; training and collaborating with educators as a member of the U.S. Peace Corps in Kazakhstan
  3. Interested in opportunities that strike a balance between research and public involvement, while assisting organizations in effecting positive change

Laura Braithwaite

  1. MBA Candidate specializing in public administration with experience in marketing, customer service, community outreach and human resource management.
  2. In creating marketing plans for City of Salem’s Stormwater Division for rebranding efforts, e. coli, and turbidity. I performed detailed demographic market research of different regions of the Salem Metropolitan area utilizing social media, US Census data, Google Trends and Analyses and created marketing plans and reports on behalf of the city and Marion County.
  3. As a lead caller for Willamette University’s Telefund Program, personally raised over $50,000 and used strategic abilities to manage the most successful Telefund team in the history of Willamette, exceeding team goal of $290,000.

Adam Hackman

  1. Obtained a Masters in Public Administration with a Public Policy Emphasis from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  Also been invited to join Pi Alpha Alpha honor society for high academic performance while completing my MPA.  I will also obtain my CPM, or Certified Public Manager designation upon graduation.
  2. Short term goal is to obtain internship experience with a local government entity while my long term career goal is to obtain career experience that will prepare me for leadership roles in the future with a local government.
  3. Public policy and the ability to read into changes in budgets and laws that go with them is really what I have learned from my education at Iowa State University and Drake University.  The community development, governmental management and budgeting are the tools in which public policy is effectively implemented for all citizens.

Steve Koper

  1. Land use planner with 6 years’ experience in current and long-range planning in both urban and rural communities, specializing in subdivision and development review, zoning code amendment and interpretation, and surface mining
  2. Skills include: analyzing complex applications and documents; researching and writing staff reports and recommendations; interpreting codes and policies; outreach and education; and public presentation
  3. Education: JD, BA in Political Science with a concentration in Urban Planning

Abby Coppock

  1. Current Public Information Officer at the City of Portland looking for policy or advocacy role in health and human services.
  2. Over 5 years of strategic communications experience in local government providing project management and media relations.
  3. Over 7 years of nonprofit experience in partnership development, advocacy, research and program management.

Emma Williams

  1. I have worked extensively and successfully in both the private and public sector.
  2. I have a proven ability to work with members of the public during both crisis and normal situations.
  3. I believe I have the ability to be a productive and effective leader and I plan to pursue a career in public office.

Stephen Albaugh

  1. Masters of Public Administration with a focus on economic development and local government.   Other degrees include B.A. Economics and Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development
  2. 7 years professional experience in financial analysis, economic development, risk management and strategic communications
  3. Combination of private and public sector experience, including work in federal, state and local government.
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