Rethinking Your Resume 8.21.2015

Posted on August 21, 2015

The Expert Resume Man is back. This time he’s discussing how to have a successful job search and the most important tip is to ask yourself an important question.

resume man

Tips for a Successful Job Search

Don’t be fooled by people claiming to be recruiters, but asking you to pay them for access to “hidden” jobs.
You can register with multiple recruiters and agencies — just be honest, when you’re asked, about who else you’re working with.
Some people look at advertised jobs and when they don’t see ads that “fit them,” they think finding a job will be impossible.
Every job search is unique, but the general path is similar, regardless of the work you’re seeking or where you’re starting from.
Before starting your job search, you need to know what type of job you want to pursue. Answer this question: “I’m looking for a job in…”

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