Webinar Rewind: Digitizing Municipal Cemeteries

Posted on November 10, 2021

Originally aired November 10, 2021.

Governments have discovered just how much they can digitize in the wake of COVID-19 out of necessity. Moving forward, why not explore digitizing the most staid of local government departments? Whether preserving local history or providing a better care experience for community members, moving records online might be the logical next step for municipalities interested in digitizing government. Join us for a case study of a cemetery digitalization project featuring a cemetery manager who has done just that, presented in partnership with Chronicle.


This webinar is moderated by Matthew Borowski, CEO of Chronicle. We were also be joined by two guest speakers who shared their cemetery experience and why they decided now to go online:

About Chronicle

Chronicle creates digital cemeteries so that communities can access their public history online, administrators can easily manage the deceased records and our valuable data is kept safe for future generations. They have digitized over 100 cemeteries worldwide with a beautiful cemetery map and record-keeping software. With a secure and simple process, Chronicle ensures that your cemetery management can focus on what matters – people, their memories, and their legacy.

More about Chronicle Cemetery Software

Reach out to Chronicle at hello@chronicle.rip

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