Rewind: Engaging Along the Road to Reopening

Posted on August 19, 2020

davenport webinar

This webinar originally aired on August 19, 2020.

About the event:

As local governments receive ever-changing orders from state and county health departments about reopening and scaling back reopening, they face a two-fold challenge. On the one hand, they are often conveying information about decisions (sometimes unpopular decisions) that have already been made by public health experts and officials. On the other hand, they continue to be the government closest to the community, with a responsibility to engage resident insights and concerns in decisions that impact the community. What is the appropriate role of the citizen in wrestling with tradeoffs between physical health, mental health, job loss, education options, and more? Is there a way to truly engage residents in these policy decisions?

Link to the Professional Certificate in Advanced Public Engagement for Local Government program

Ideas shared in the chat:

I wanted to say I love the idea of virtual town hall meetings. Managing people’s expectations is important, e.g., “we may not be able to guarantee that we can implement all your suggestions, but we can guarantee that you’ll be heard.” I also love the idea of the solar-powered display with charging station.
  • We will continue with live streaming all public meetings. Also, further development for a mobile engagement station that will be a wifi hotspot and have small meeting/workshop capability. Small, in-person, safe-distance engagement opportunities are high on my list.
We use PublicInput for our digital engagement – it was a great tool for our community conversation on local markers and memorials as our county was granted local control of monuments in July.
We have been holding weekly press conferences on Friday afternoons at 1:15 that include top level reps from the City, Indiana University, IU Health (our hospital), County electeds and the Board of Health. Participation grows weekly and has become one stop shopping for weekly updates.
Thank you ladies and ELGL! Enjoyed hearing about all the great things you guys are doing!

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