Part Deux: The Road Back to the SGR Conference

Posted on December 9, 2014

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ELGL is proud to announce that for the second year in a row we will have a group presenting at the SGR Annual Conference. Bridget Doyle (Sterling Heights, MI), Ryan Adams (Irving, TX), and John McCarter (Pearland, TX) will be spreading the good word on motivating employees in their presentation, entitled Fresh Ideas to Inspire a Committed Team. Do you want to contribute to the presentation? Take a minute to fill out our survey about what inspires you in the workplace!

A few months back we were asked to continue ELGL’s legacy of outstanding conference presentations. Of course, we immediately accepted. Kent, Kirsten, and Ben blazed the trail last year by presenting at SGR’s first ever conference last year. SGR has been a great partner of and contributor to ELGL’s efforts. We are so excited to continue that partnership this year.

1781907_569246953160871_1989138285_nIn the coming weeks, we aim to do what ELGL does best; share our experience. We hope you can learn right along with us as we prepare our presentation. We want to share everything this organization has to offer with attendees, which means we are asking for your help.

Let’s face it, the best part of ELGL is its membership. We want to share your ideas, your experience, and your wisdom. A conference full seasoned managers want to hear what ELGL has to say about inspiring young leaders. Let’s share with them. Take a few minutes to respond to our survey and give your thoughts on how to inspire the people you work with. We would like to have responses back by Friday, December 12th.

1604595_568281646590735_1484556839_nAfter weeks of trading emails we finally got together last week on a call to talk about putting together a presentation for SGR 2015. We had already came up with the title for our presentation. So, we focused our initial non-email conversation on unpacking what that title means. As we batted around ideas about what approach we wanted to take we came up with a few things we wanted to make sure we accomplished in our presentation:

  • Be fresh. We aren’t referring to our wardrobes (which are already pretty fresh) but rather to our content. We use the word fresh in the title of the presentation on purpose; we are not aiming to recycle old ideas.
  • Focus on inspiration; not motivation. We see motivation as getting someone to do a specific task. Think laundry or homework. We want to take that one step further and talk about inspiration; about getting people to want to contribute to an organization in creative and innovative ways.
  • Provide content. These people paid good money to come to this conference. We want them to walk away with something worthwhile they can take back to their organizations.

With a high bar set last year, we aim to provide another informative session from ELGL. No boring PowerPoints here. No monotone fact listing. No mid-afternoon lull. We hope to leverage the opinions, experience, and ideas of our membership to inform managers about the future of inspiration in the workplace. Don’t forget to respond to our survey. We look forward to reading your responses!


Bridget, John & Ryan


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