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Join the San Rafael Analyst Team!

The City of San Rafael, California is hiring five analysts to work across the organization!

The City of San Rafael, CA is Hiring an Analyst Team!

Are you a passionate and creative problem solver? Join the City of San Rafael, CA's Management Analyst team!

The city is hiring five analysts to work in the economic development, finance, public works, fire, and management departments. Learn more about the positions and apply online today! Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on September 8, 2021. Attend a free webinar about this recruitment on August 26, 2021, or watch the recording online.


We are hiring up to five people for Associate Management Analyst, Management Analyst, and Senior Management Analyst positions (position placement dependent on work and lived experiences). You'll join a team of analysts that will be assigned to different departments, but will work together as a team on the important management, budget, communications, and analytic functions for the city. The annual salary range is $71,424 - $128,196. 

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About the Analyst Assignments:

The City of San Rafael is hiring up to five analysts to work in the finance, public works, fire, economic development and management offices. Learn more about the skills and traits we're looking for, as well as example projects in each department:

San Rafael Economic Development

Desired Skills:


Social Media


Example Analyst Project:

Outreach to local businesses

San Rafael Finance

Desired Skills:

Business minded


Ability to manage up

Example Analyst Project:

Implement a new ERP system

San Rafael Fire and EMS

Desired Skills:

Team oriented

Human resources


Example Analyst Project:

Assist with HR & marketing

San Rafael Management

Desired Skills:

Project management


Finance & budgeting

Example Analyst Project:

Manage digital programs

San Rafael Public Works

Desired Skills:

Capital planning


Finance & budgeting

Example Analyst Project:

Develop a five year capital plan

Applicants will be considered for all five positions, and will be selected to interview in the department(s) where there is the best fit. If you are offered a position, the title, classification, and salary will be dependent upon prior work and lived experiences, and education, The job offer will specify if it is a fixed-term or regular full-time position.

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Application Information Checklist:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Webinar Question → What software knowledge is useful in this position?,

  • Finance - nothing specific, just the ability to quickly learn new things. Public Works - the analyst will manage the website; also looking for people with the ability to learn.

Webinar Question → Is this a 5/40 position or is there some flexibility (hybrid, 4/40, etc.)?

  • San Rafael prides itself on flexibility with schedules. Currently working on a distributed work policy for the city. There is some need for a physical presence for team building, but also plenty of flexibility on schedules.

Webinar Question → For Finance: are you looking for your analyst to have an accounting background?

  • Not looking for a technical accounting background; looking for someone with the bigger picture aspects - forecasting, budgeting, etc.

Webinar Question → You mentioned that there would be cross departmental work. That is wonderful to hear and is a great way to learn about the various functions of the other City department. How do the directors assist in managing the workload given the analyst as they have their own departmental workload? I have also seen that with these particular work models that staff become more burnt out. How do you assist the employee in this position with mental stress?

  • Managing workload - directors aren’t micromanagers; would empower the employee to look at workplans and workloads, and balance the work. “We’re going to trust you to manage the workload.” Burnout - we work as a cohesive big city team and we understand that the analyst team may be helping/assisting larger, big picture work. A lot of flexibility on schedules. Also the agency values communications. ”We care about each other deeply, as whole humans.”"

Webinar Question → How often do the different departments get together to communicate and touch base to ensure everyone is coordinated - is that done in person or via internal call / email updates?

  • Everyday! All day!

Webinar Question → Question for Fire/EMS: In the job description we also see HR experience as a plus for the Fire & EMS department - is that because of the personnel transfers or are there other duties that Management Analysts will be helping with that are HR related? Excited to see that marketing/social media experience is valuable in the role as well. It sounds like that no matter where analysts are placed they will have an opportunity to wear many hats while serving the public.

  • Experience in HR is really ideal. We have ongoing job announcement, recruitment, selection and hiring processes. In addition, we need a liaison to the 3rd party administrator and employee to assist with Worker's Compensation processes. We have personnel training that needs to be provided to sworn and civilian staff as a couple of examples.

Webinar Question → The team is trying to cut down on bureaucracy. Can the the panel think of any examples of cutting red tape without cutting corners from the last year?

  • Public art policy and process - great example of taking a formerly long and cumbersome process and making it more streamlined and accessible.

Webinar Question → I come from a background managing communications and public engagement projects for policy advocacy non-profits, as well as a publicly-traded company. Last year I completed a Master's in Public Management with study in policy and program research and management, and I'd like to make the transition to local government (and love San Rafael). I'm curious how open you are to applications from people who haven't worked in local government before, and if you have any tips as far as experiences that it would be important to include or address in the application process to be a strong candidate from a less conventional background?

  • There’s no difference between public and private sector when it comes to customer service. We are looking for people who are logical, understand product delivery, and manage government services from the customer (community member) POV.

Webinar Question → What type of work would an analyst to in HR? IS any OD work being done?

  • HR is not hiring a management analyst at this time.

Webinar Question → What was the screening timeframe?

  • August 31 is the application deadline. Then phone interviews, and then panel interviews the week of Sept. 13.

Webinar Question → Are candidates encouraged to include a cover letter long with CalOpps application?

  • Resume and cover letter should be attached to the application. And there’s also a supplemental questionnaire.

I would be interested in learning if any of the San Rafael analyst positions are capable of being remote positions?

  • The City of San Rafael is currently in the process of developing a "distributed teams" policy that will allow flexibility for employees to work from home and offsite, in addition to working at city facilities. For this Analyst Team, the hired analysts in each department will be required to work in the office for a portion of time. Thus, completely remote work is not allowed (e.g. you cannot live in Houston and work for San Rafael; you will need to be able to come in to San Rafael City Hall, Public Works, etc. from time to time).

Which positions are full-time?  I think it's unfair to apply and be put into a pool of applicants and potentially get offered a job that was fixed-term, I don't want to be considered for a fixed term job. 

  • We recognize that this opportunity is unique - both in the ability to join a team of analysts, and in the recruitment for different types of positions (permanent and fixed term). We have learned that everyone's employment preferences are different and some people are interested in shorter term assignments while others seek a longer tenure. During the application and interview process, you will have a chance to express your preferences. If you think the City of San Rafael's innovative culture is a good fit for you, we encourage you to apply.

I'm only interested in the position in the Public Works department. Is that ok?

  • Applicants will be considered for all five positions, and will be selected to interview in the department(s) where there is the best fit. If you are particularly interested in one department, it is ok to share that in your cover letter and application materials. The San Rafael management team will review the applicants and make hiring decisions and assignments based on the projects in the different departments and the applicants' skills and abilities.

I've never worked for a city before but joining a team sounds fascinating. Is it ok if I've never worked in government before?

  • Yes! The City of San Rafael values all lived and learned experiences and we are looking for analysts to join our team to work on management, budget, communications, and analytic functions for the city. If you do not have prior government experience, please ensure that your application, cover letter, supplemental question responses, etc. speak to your experiences working in these areas.

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