Sign Up for the “Celebrating Your Birth” Initiative

Posted on December 28, 2015


Link: Sign Up for the “Celebrating Your Birth” Initiative


Never again will you be lonely on your birthday. In 2016, ELGL is launching the “Celebrating Your Birth” initiative as a way of connecting our 1,100 members who are spread out nationally and internationally.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up to participate in the initiative.
  • We’ll randomly match you with another ELGL member.
  • We’ll provide you the birth date (minus the year) of that member.
  • When their birthday nears, send them a copy of your favorite book. (Amazon has a great selection of inexpensive, used books.) We’ll compile the books exchanged in one big end-of-the-year post.
  • Your name and birth date (minus the year) will be given to another participant who you will hear from on your birthday.
  • Deadline for signing up is January 1.

Note: Only current ELGL members are eligible to participate. You can join ELGL here.

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