Silo Busting & Sustainability

Posted on September 16, 2020

silo busting

What influences how well city units and departments work collaboratively “across silos” towards a single overarching goal, even though that goal is not a core responsibility of most of the units involved?

Researchers from University of Central Florida, George Mason University, and the University of Kansas are working on a project which aims to understand this dynamic around the issue of local sustainability. Eventually, we will assess if and how city government leadership and organizational structures actually shape local sustainability outcomes.

To gain some initial insight into this, we are trying to recruit city government employees to participate in one of several hour-long focus groups, which will be conducted over Zoom, at various times between October 5-15.

Specifically, we are looking to engage with people who

(1) are the designated sustainability lead in their city OR

(2) are a director or manager of a department that directly intersects with sustainability, but is not itself responsible for leading initiatives (e.g. public works, community development).

If you are interested in participating in one of these focus groups, please email Dr. Rachel Krause at and she will follow-up with more information.

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