Social Justice -> Local Government

In this blog series, Matt Hirschinger, local government and DEI professional, writes about the most critical, interesting, and relevant lessons he learns in his coursework and research and applies them to a local government context.

Meet Matt

Matt Hirschinger earned his BA in International Relations from Drake University in 2010. Afterwards he joined the U.S. Peace Corps in 2011 for his two-year service in the Philippines, followed by a third-year extension taking on the role of a "Volunteer Leader" to train new volunteers and be a liaison to the host country staff. It was in 2015 he entered into local government, starting his MPA and Colorado's Best and Brightest Internship program working in Delta, CO.

Since his start, he's worked in different diverse communities in Colorado, and is navigating his own journey in finding the intersections between local government and social justice, most notably through a graduate degree in the Humanities with a Social Justice concentration. This series summarizes dozens of the lessons and insights he's learned.

Connect with Matt

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