The State of Employee Performance Evaluations

Posted on May 13, 2014

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tumblr_mezndoi1Re1qmxcc6o1_r3_500Performance evaluations are a weakness of local government. We have complained about them for years, either they don’t get done or they don’t get done right.

Canby Utility is one of the organizations that is doing something about it. Matt Michel, Canby Utility general manager, has implemented quarterly performance evaluations for management employees. This new approach is in its infancy but will be worth tracking to determine whether it is transferable to other organizations.

Please note:  “the procedure does not address longevity as a trigger for step advancement and it should—every 3 years I think. That said, Canby Utility Board requires step advancement when “meeting expectations” so that is the step advancement default instead of the default being longevity. I hope that makes sense,” says Matt Michel.

Document: Employee Performance Development

Interested in learning more? Contact Matt at or via LinkedIn.

On a similar note, the city of Plano, TX has a one page evaluation form that indicates if an employee is meeting the expectations of the supervisor.  Some departments do more formal evaluations but they are interdepartmental not a requirement.

Document: Plano Performance Management

If you organization is straying away from annual evaluations, let us know what approach they are using.

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