My Story with Humberto Arriaga, City of Southlake, Texas

Posted on March 13, 2015

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ELGL’s mission is to connect, communicate, and educate. In this ongoing series, local government professionals tell the story of why they chose a local government career.
Humberto Arriaga works in the finance department for the City of Southlake, Texas. Previously, he worked for the City of Euless, TX.
Who is Humberto?
…..In 2014 I was offered an opportunity to work for the City of Southlake, in the Finance Department and it has been the best year so far.  Prior to my arrival in Southlake, I worked for the City of Euless from 2006-2013 in the Finance Department as well.  I have also worked for the nonprofit organization, the Dallas Better Business Bureau from 2003-2005.  From 1997-2002, I was serving my country in the U.S. Army with my last duty station being Camp Casey, South Korea.
I started working in local government whendownload
…..I was 16 years old for the City of San Antonio, as part of the Summer Youth Program.  I worked in the Public Works Department assisting in the maintenance and control of the vegetation throughout the City.
My most frustrating experience in local government was….
……I had to wait for the upcoming FY to start my next project.
My top three career accomplishments are:

  • Earning the rank of SGT in under 3 years while enlisted in the U.S. Army.
  • Successfully completing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program.
  • Earning B.S. in Business Management

When no one else is in the car, I….
……Enjoy listening to audio books.
Right now, I am working on….
homebanner_desk5…….updating our travel policy, the implementation of the contract management module for our software and  I am assisting with the NPI’s Achievement of Excellence in Procurement.  I am also working on upgrading our Silver status to a Platinum status with Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle Award.  In the middle of all this I am trying to complete my master’s degree with an emphasis in Management and Leadership.
Here are three tips for interviewing are:

  • Prepare ahead of time, and ask questions about the organization.
  • Emphasize your good qualities and related them to the job.
  • Dress for interview success.

In terms of telling the local government story, I think local government….
……is overlooked at times, especially during state and national elections.  The number of voters who turn out for local elections can clearly support this.
This keeps me up at night
……the principle and interest on my student loans.
My March Madness pick is….
…….The one with the best mascot.
I aspire to….
…….be of value and not success. One of my favorite things to say is “I want to be an asset and not a liability.”
You should have asked me….
……What drove me into local government?

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