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#NDOSC is March 5, 2020!

NDOSC 2020

Please sign up to host a Supper Club on March 5, 2020. It's the National Day of Supper Clubbing, #NDOSC, a chance for local government leaders from around the country to meet up with people in their region for an evening of fellowship and conversation.

Sign up to host!

Host & Attend a Supper Club!

Supper Clubs are informal meet-ups for ELGL members to share a meal and talk about local government.

ELGL members organize Supper Clubs - anyone can take the lead on organizing! ELGL will help you with online advertisement, member outreach, online registration, and event promotion. We'll also cover the cost of the first round or appetizers!

There are four easy steps to create an awesome Supper Club:

  1. Pick a date, time, and location
  2. Notify ELGL (send an email to Kirsten)
  3. We'll work with you to send out invites and advertise
  4. Show up at the Supper Club and have fun!

To schedule a Supper Club in your area, please email Kirsten with the following information:

  • Proposed date, time, and location

ELGL membership is growing everyday and there are other ELGL members in your area or close by. We will help you get connected to organize a great Supper Club. Here's an overview document about planning a successful Supper Club.

Upcoming Supper Clubs

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We have ELGL members in regions all over the country and world!

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