Survey Says!: Preparing for the SGR Conference

Posted on January 5, 2014

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This is the third in a multi-part series about preparing to present at a professional conference. This series will look at the steps that go into session planning, and include drafts of our presentation in advance of our January 30, 2014 presentation at the SGR organizational development conference in Dallas, Texas.

FamilyFeudWe continue to work on our presentation for January 30, 2014 in Dallas/Fort Worth, and we continue to thankful to Ron Holifield and the SGR team for the invitation to speak and the chance to compile our thoughts on “Developing Emerging Leaders In Your Organization.” Here at ELGL, we spend a lot of time working on the topics that matter to our members, and to have a moment to pause and compile our thoughts is fun and refreshing.

As noted in last week’s column, we are preparing for our presentation by asking ELGL members a few questions about organizational development, and their responses will be the cornerstone of our presentation.  And, we’ll ask similar questions to the conference attendees to engage them and get a conversation started.

ffd19So – please click here and take our brief survey that will help us get our presentation off the ground.  Your honest, frank answers are much appreciated, and will help us provide real, helpful advice and some sample projects and supervisor traits that will benefit emerging leaders in local government organizations.

Thank you!

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