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The Downside of Domino’s

Morning Buzz by Andy Kuhn What I’m listening to –  Happy Hour by Weezer What I’m watching – I have been re-watching Entourage, not sure why? I miss LA probably What I’m reading – Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain TL:DR – The free rider problem is real, and may be worse in recessed communities. The … Continued

30% Negative or 70% Positive

Morning Buzz by Andy Kuhn (LinkedIn) (Twitter) What I’m Reading: How Baby Boomers Broke America by Steven Brill in Time Magazine What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley Season 5 What I’m Listening To: Trying to hear Yanny instead of Laurel This isn’t a reference to my childhood when my bad behavior was met by my Grandma … Continued

Blue Light Special at Kmart

Morning Buzz by Andy Kuhn (LinkedIn) (Twitter) What I’m Reading: Sustaining Growth: Appalachia’s Natural Gas Opportunity What I’m Watching: MLB Mariners/Astros series…..Go M’s What I’m Listening To: SiriusXM Alt Nation TL;DR: There are empty K-Marts in towns all over the U.S. and there appears to be no means of getting them filled or even demolished … Continued

The Silver Tsunami in the Rust Belt Equals Great Opportunity

What I am Listening to: The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler What I am Reading: Not God Enough by J.D. Greear What I am Watching: NCAA Tournament Basketball….sans the Tarheels ? The Silver Tsunami in the Rest Belt Equals Great Opportunity By Andy Kuhn, Executive Director of the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority In my former life, … Continued

Hidden Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep: Mattresses & Waste Management

This blog post is by ELGL member Andy Kuhn. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn and Twitter. In June the Freakonomics Podcast explored the recent phenomenon of mattress stores popping up all over the country. Surely you’ve seen a Mattress-Firm, Sleepy’s, or Sleep Number store pop up in your town, maybe even right across the street … Continued

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