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Podcast: The GovieLovies – Best Episodes of 2019

The year in review. Four of the regular GovLove hosts teamed up to hand out awards and recap the fourth year of a podcast about local government. Kirsten, Alyssa, Javon, and Ben all selected five of their favorite episodes to honor with the most prestigious award in local government podcasting, a GovieLovie. The hosts also … Continued

Chapter I: Voting for the Best Public Library

Update: The round of 32 bracket will be revealed on Saturday. As of Friday morning, more than 10,000 votes have been cast. Update: News coverage of the Leslie B. Knope Award – Evansville nominated for national award and Real life Pawnee: Evansville library in running for Leslie Knope award Last year, we awarded the prestigious Leslie … Continued

Nominees for Best Public Library – Updated 1/15

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Nominations are now being accepted for the second annual Leslie Barbara Knope award! Last year, we awarded the prestigious Knope to Peoria City Hall. This year, we’re highlighting the best public libraries! Any public library run by a local government unit (town, city, county, special district…) is eligible for nomination. Use this form to … Continued

Updated: Nominations for “Best City Hall”??

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_media_grid element_width=”3″ item=”mediaGrid_SlideOutCaption” grid_id=”vc_gid:1485760527779-cea18eb7863eb9a1d2737d214a11f7fe-7″ include=”239223,239219,239330,239329,239229,239347,239222,239331,239220,239333,239332,239335,239337,239336,239334,239341,239327,239340,239338,239342,239343,239285,239344,239346,239328,239221,239348,239391,239465,239466,239467,239468,239470,239471,239472,239473,239491,239492,239493,239494,239497,239498,239499,239500,239503,239504,239505,239506,239525,239524,239523,239522,239526,239527,239528,239529,239535,239534,239533,239532,239531,239530,239577,239578,239581,239582,239583,239584,239643,239644,239645,239646,240495,240496,240497,240498,240499,240500,240501,240502″][vc_column_text]We have opened nominations for the 1st annual “Best City Hall” award! ELGL is accepting nominations for the city hall building(s) that you have come across and find inspiring – from the historic to modern, functional to quaint, and urban to rural – we want to see them all! How will we … Continued

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