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Exercising Pollution Out of Town

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age. I’ve chosen this book because it was available and it dives into the importance of creating meaningful relationships through networking. What I’m watching: Thor: Ragnarok. I’ve been pulled into Marvel due to their … Continued

Mobile Billboards, Internal Bike Share….Newark’s Approach to Healthy Living

Ian Davidson, ELGL project assistant, writes about an internal bike share program for city employees in Newark, Delaware. Internal Bike Share for City Employees by Ian Davidson – LinkedIn and Twitter The City of Newark’s internal bike share program first came to our attention in this Newark Post article, “City employees’ bikes serve as ‘mobile … Continued

Steve Hoyt-McBeth, Portland Bike Share

Knowledgeable. Detailed. Enthusiast      Portland Bike Share is the hot topic for 2014. When will it start? How will it work? What’s the City’s investment? ELGL went straight to the sources for answers. Steve Hoyt-McBeth walked us through a detailed presentation on what is bike share, what isn’t bike share, how other cities are … Continued

Portland Bike Share Presentation by Steve Hoyt-McBeth

Steve Hoyt-McBeth, project manager for the City of Portland’s Bureau of Transportation gave a great presentation on the effort to bring a bike share to Portland. His presentation was very informative and he was willing to share it with ELGL. Check out the presentation below and some takeaways from the lunch forum. Download the presentation: Portland Bike … Continued

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