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Lightning Round with Mary Beth Henry, City of Portland

Mary Beth Henry, Manager Office for Community Technology/Mt Hood Cable Regulatory Commission City of Portland Favorite book of all-time: Micropolis in Transition by Dr. Edward Henry (full disclosure – yes he is my father)– Financed by the Ford Foundation and published in 1971 it is a case study of the challenges facing a small city in … Continued

Honoring a Public Servant via Animation

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dSAE_i-wto&w=560&h=315]   Animation about a determined public servant who does things his way. DAVID honors accomplishments and eccentricities of Oregon municipal Internet pioneer David Olson. Inspired by wry animation classics such as BAMBI VS GODZILLA, video premiered on David Olson Day in the City Of Portland — the day Olson announced his retirement. DAVID … Continued

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