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Podcast: The Role of a County Clerk with Brianna Lennon, Boone County, MO

Brianna Lennon County Clerk Boone County, Missouri Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Elections administration. Brianna Lennon, County Clerk for Boone County, Missouri and Co-Host of High Turnout Wide Margins, joined the podcast to talk about the work of County Clerks and what it takes to administer elections. She shared how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted elections, … Continued

You Too Can Be a Poll Worker

Today’s Buzz is by Brianna Lennon– connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m watching/listening to/reading: with absentee voting starting yesterday, I am in full-blown election mode Poll workers, also known as election judges, supervisors, or clerks, are the lifeblood of any election. For states with large in-person voting turnout, they run polling places, check in … Continued

It’s National Voter Registration Day!

Today’s Buzz is by Brianna Lennon– connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter! What I’m watching: Season 4 of the West Wing What I’m listening to: FM radio What I’m reading: Center for Civic Design Field Guides Happy National Voter Registration Day! Today community partners, organizations, and nonprofits will team up to encourage voters to engage in … Continued

Podcast: Pizza to the Polls with Scott Duncombe

Scott Duncombe Founder Pizza to the Polls Website | LinkedIn | Twitter Hungry for democracy. The national non-profit, Pizza to the Polls, tries to make waiting in line to vote a little better. They take reports of long lines from people around the country and then find local pizza places to deliver slices to voters. … Continued

Podcast: Running for the Future with Aaron Rouse, Virginia Beach Councilor

Aaron Rouse City Council Candidate Virginia Beach, VA Facebook Update: Aaron Rouse Reflects On Election Victory From the NFL to the campaign trail. Aaron Rouse, former Green Bay Packer, is running for City Council in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He talked about why he’s running for office, how local government needs to change to be more … Continued

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