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It’s Possible for Everyone to Be Wrong

Today’s Morning Buzz is by civic dreamer and doer Sarah Moss, MPA, who has worked in local, state, and federal government. She is a strategist based in Denver who helps clients solve policy and political puzzles across the United States. Sarah also teaches values-based strategic planning and process improvement for the Colorado Certified Public Manager® … Continued

Podcast: Teaching Ethics through Parks & Rec with Dr. Erin Borry

Dr. Erin Borry Assistant Professor of Public Administration University of Alabama at Birmingham Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Linking theory to television. Dr. Erin Borry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham is teaching ethics in a creative way, by using the show Parks & Recreation. Scenes involving your favorite City of Pawnee employees are … Continued

The Right Stuff? Or Do Purchases Signal the Wrong Values?

By Sarah Moss, MPA | LinkedIn | Twitter What I am watching: The Right Stuff, about the early years of the U.S. space program What I am reading / listening to: Creative Quest by Questlove / The Roots What I am working on: Rewriting lyrics to pop songs for fun localgov and nonprofit clients to … Continued

9 Times ‘Parks and Recreation’ Taught Us How to Get Real About Ethics

Written by Matt Windsor. Republished with permission from UAB Reporter. Imagine you are working in city government and your office receives a wine and cheese basket from a local construction firm. It’s clearly worth more than $25, which is the cutoff for acceptable gifts, but someone opens the basket anyway. What should you do? That question … Continued

Podcast: Let’s Get Ethical with Martha Perego & Julie Underwood

Martha Perego Ethics Director ICMA LinkedIn | Twitter Julie Underwood City Manager Mercer Island, WA LinkedIn | Twitter This week the GovLove team sits down with Martha Perego from ICMA and Julie Underwood the Assistant City Manager of Daly City, CA to discuss one of the hotly debated guidelines for ICMA members, the two year … Continued

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