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Marketing Government to M-Words

This is a guest post by Rachel Keyser, Digital Media Manager for ViewPoint Cloud (an #ELGL17 sponsor). Read cases studies and information about e-permitting from Rachel’s team to learn more about the important work of ViewPoint Cloud. This post originally appeared on the ViewPoint Cloud site. Editor’s note: Rachel’s use of the m-word is allowed … Continued

Kittelson’s Corner: Generational Stereotypes Do Not Lead to Change

By Ben Kittelson – Twitter We’ve all heard one of those presentations. There are usually a lot of laughs from the crowd as the speaker¬†describes how different generations behave in the workplace. And they rightfully argue¬†that this creates challenges for managers, and then to make their point the speaker trots out every generational stereotype. More … Continued

Quiz: Is Your Local Government Prepared for Millennials?

Is your organization ready for the upcoming wave of local government retirements? California-ELGL leader and Daly City, CA assistant city manager Julie Underwood shares a quiz that’s Cosmo-worthy (if Cosmo ever ran polls about local government succession planning…).

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