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Communications Breakdown: Convergence is the Name of the Game

By Shawn Patrick Floss and Bridget Doyle Until recently, broadcast reporters and print reporters stuck to their own arena of journalism. Broadcast focused on its well-coiffed anchors, on-scene stand-ups and colorful B-roll; print informed the masses with the beauty of the written word showcased in front page news stories, columns and features. While both types of journalism still … Continued

The Newsroom: Translating the Jargon

This is the second installment from Shawn Patrick Floss. Shawn has anchored the local news in Milwaukee, Denver, and Shreveport. He recently relocated to Portland, Oregon and currently, is the media communications manager for Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Background Check Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter Shawn Patrick Floss, a suburban Chicago native, has 15 years of communications experience. He … Continued

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