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#CityHallSelfie Swag

#CityHallSelfie day was a success, and we want to offer you the chance to buy your own t-shirts, stickers and coffee mugs to commemorate your participation. Check out this great design, and order your shirt, sticker or mug directly from our store on Zazzle. Women’s #CityHallSelfie T-Shirt by CityHallSelfie View more at zazzle.com Women’s 3/4 Length … Continued

#ELGL15 Swag

Were you too busy drinking Rubinators and eating chicken satay to notice the swag tables?  Or were you so occupied telling your story during the #ELGL15 Moth that you completely missed the tables and table of awesome free stuff from ELGL and our sponsors?  If so, use this form and we’ll mail you a swag package … Continued

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