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Podcast: The GovieLovies – Best Episodes of 2018

The hosts of GovLove pick the best episodes of the year. The best episodes of the year. All five regular GovLove hosts teamed up to hand out awards and recap the year of GovLove. Kirsten, Alyssa, Javon, Kent and Ben all selected four of their favorite episodes to honor with the most prestigious award in … Continued

Podcast: Public Service in the NFL & City Management with Tom & Connor Barwin

Tom Barwin City Manager Sarasota, FL LinkedIn | Twitter Connor Barwin Defensive End NFL Bio | Twitter Making the world better. A father-son duo join the podcast this week,  Tom Barwin is the City Manager of Sarasota, FL and his son Connor Barwin is an NFL defensive end and Pro Browler. They talked about their influences, giving back to … Continued

Knopes of the Week: Julie Lein, Tumml and Jase Wilson, Neighbor.ly

Fascinating. Awesome. Perfect Timing     Thanks to our generous partner Strategic Government Resources, ELGL members were able to enjoy an upgraded webinar experience with Julie Lein, Tumml and Jase Wilson, Neighbor.ly. Tumml (a Yiddish word meaning shakeup or disruption) empowers entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. A nonprofit, Tumml’s goal is to support the next generation of Zipcars and … Continued

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