New Member Profile: Ted Moeller

Posted on March 5, 2019

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Ted Moeller

Administrative Specialist, City of Roswell, GA

So far, what’s your proudest accomplishment in 2019?

My proudest accomplishment is passing my three month evaluation with good reviews. I have been at the City of Roswell since October, so I started off the year with a good first check-up evaluation, which was very encouraging. I’m excited about every new part of the job I learn, too.

Valentines Day is in February. What do you “love” about your job?

I love working with the great public servants in the City of Roswell. Also, the great parks system certainly makes it easier to make our residents happier. We offer so many great activities and programs, and I get to be a part of getting all of the instructors set up to teach all of those programs. I love feeling like a part of the successful Recreation and Parks programs and mission.

(Complete the sentence) Before I die I want to…

Geez… this is an intense question. Here goes… Before I die, I want to visit all 50 (or more) states in the Union. I’m currently at 42. I have yet to visit Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and all of the states touching the Pacific. I have always been surprised at how similar yet different each state is, especially from the perspective of local governments.

10 Year Challenge! What were you doing in 2009? How did it help you reach your current position?

In 2009 I was in middle school, so I guess I was an awkward adolescent that just wanted Oreos and milk after school. However, two and a half years later when I had more sense of self, I signed up for a local program that I saw in the newspaper called North Fulton Chamber of Commerce Emerging Leaders’ Program. I learned about local government and how it operated behind the scenes of daily life to best support local initiatives, projects, infrastructure, parks, and general public life. It was certainly enlightening because I had no idea how much went into the minutia of city planning or park development. That program led me through high school and college and back to North Fulton where I work at City of Roswell’s Recreation and Parks department.

(Complete the sentence) The first time I heard about ELGL was…

The first time I heard about ELGL was yesterday, the day before I signed up. My director emailed me about it and I agreed to be involved because it seems like a great opportunity to further my capabilities and knowledge of public service at the local level.

What question should we have asked? What’s the answer?

What do you think will be the biggest problem for the future of your City or Department?

I think, for the Recreation and Parks department, weather is an important factor. With the changes in weather that are predicted, it will be important for us to be able to save water or be prepared against strong storms—winter or tropical. The answer may be synthetic turf or new landscape vegetation, but it could mean indoor facilities that avoid weather conflicts to begin with. Weather conflicts are costly to programs for the city and for the residents who miss out on something they were planning for. Additionally, the cost of weather related problems such as downed trees, damaged property, and flooding/drought are burdensome. Unpredictable weather is definitely a problem that the Roswell Recreation and Parks department will have to address in the future.

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